"Only the head will take them down"


Welcome to Aftermath, the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Thriller series set in the United States of America.

The dead have risen from their graves and actively hunt the living, turning everyone and everything they can grab over to their own, sickening side. But in a world where a scarce few of the living remain, it isn't only the dead that threaten civilisation. Groups of individuals known as "Bandits" roam the open planes and inner cities, hoping to relieve fellow survivors of whatever few precious possessions they have managed to amass. In a place so torn apart by the Zombie apocalypse, and so further endangered by the actions of evil men, how can anybody hope to survive for long.

If you're a fan of fiction, thrillers, actions or better yet, the zombie genre in general, you'll love the Aftermath series. So head over to The Books section, and immerse yourself in the incredible tales of survival, the gripping scenes of battle, and the ever growing catastrophe that is the undead-ravaged modern world.

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